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Nelson Mandela's dramatic life and extraordinary character are explored through this powerful

drama. The production aims to asks questions rather than give answers, to use documentary and fiction to explore not only the repressive system of Apartheid but also the tensions in modern South Africa that arose after the fall of that system. Too many films and dramas about Mandela concentrate on his period in prison, while the play deals with this period it Mandela's life before and after his imprisonment which raise the most complex and contemporary issues, above all how to create a fair multiracial society. The play will also examine Nelson Mandela's private life, revealing him as a human being rather than an icon, the troubled relationship his wife, Winnie, is central to the play. This is the story of both of these figures, man and woman, modern saint and flawed fighter.

The production is written by Paul Stebbings, and follows in t he footsteps of his highly successful THE LIFE AND DEATH OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, which has toured throughout Europe for three years. As in all productions by TNT theatre, music and choreography will compliment the stage action, which will be dynamic and develop powerful physical and visual imagery. A cast of veteran British and South African performers will present the play, many of whom have worked with TNT for many seasons, including actors from the Martin Luther King project. A new musical score will be commissioned to accompany the play.

Length: 1h40 - no intermission

Chipo Kureya as Winnie

Sobowale Bamgbose as Nelson

Annemarie Anang as older Winnie

Alpha Kargbo as Warder

Eddie Muruako as Tambo

TNT, produced by ADGE, are recognised as “the most popular touring theatre in the world” – (China National TV) and specialise in theatre for school audiences.

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