The Monster and the Myth

Inspired by the Mary Shelley novel and the Hollywood movies!


By Paul Stebbings and Phil Smith

Music: Paul Flush

Director: Paul Stebbings

Producer: Grantly Marshall

FRANKENSTEIN is one of the most potent modern myths. TNT revives its internationally acclaimed production in 2020. Too many stage versions and even films ignore that this story is not a novel but a myth that has grown out of Mary Shelley’s original; so our production combines Boris Karloff’s immense impact with that of the original story to create a fascinating and entertaining new work. 

This FRANKENSTEIN is a Gothic comedy and a gripping a horror thriller that explores the darker themes within the myth. FRANKENSTEIN incorporates music and sound effects by noted composer Paul Flush that weaves through the drama in the manner of a film score. The theatrical style is highly visual and the pace fast and furious. The production appeals to a wide audience, including those whose first language is not English. FRANKENSTEIN is perhaps our most potent symbol for our fear of a future beyond human control. 



The best thing is for teachers to use a synopsis of the actual play. It allows them to discuss serious themes such as robots taking over human functions.  Does artificial intelligence mean artificial emotions can or must also be created? The phrase " what can be done must be done is a repeated theme of the play, so what are the limits of science? Should we clone humans? Should our brains live forever? 

Length:1h40 - no intermission

Cast 2020

Reginald Edwards

Zoe Lambrakis

Max Curtis

Conrad Williamson

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