by Mary Shelley

Additional Information / Tickets:


  • A teacher bringing 10 or more students get in free of charge.

  • You must reserve tickets via given email above.

  • Please, specify date, time and an exact number of students coming to the performance. Or use the given Booking Form in the Home page of this website.

  • We understand if some students fell ill on the day of a performance, you will not need to pay for the no shows but please understand us and make sure that everybody comes.

  • Reservation is only valid when you receive an invoice.

  • Your invoice is a group ticket.

  • You can pay either by bank transfer (details can be found in an invoice) or in cash before a performance.

  • There are no arranged seats. Everybody sits wherever they find available seats.

  • On the day of performance, bring your invoice with you for a check up.

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