A Midsummer Nights Dream

by William Shakespeare

"TNT always put on an excellent show, proving that good theatre can keep Shakespeare relevant and entertaining even in the contemporary digital world." –  by André Delicata (TIMES OF MALTA)

Shakespeare’s most popular comedy deserves its reputation: a perfect mix of comedy and romance. The story follows the fortunes of a quartet of lovers who are lured into the forest by fairies who trick them with a magic potion that forces them to fall in love with the first person they see. The Queen of Fairies herself takes the potion and when a donkey crosses her path she falls in love with the beast. This hilarious comedy explores the madness of love and laughs at human folly. It contains some of the finest poetry that Shakespeare wrote, hilarious comedy, touching love scenes, mystery and theatrical magic.

This production has been an extraordinary international success – Shakespeare that is easy to understand and enjoy, even for an audience whose first language is not English – Shakespeare’s magical play is both simple and profound so almost any audience can grasp the ideas and conflicts in the play. Specially composed music is woven into the production for added effect, much played or sung live by the skilled actors.
Shakespeare happily mixes traditional English spirits with classical heroes and fantastic creatures.

The production will combine music, dance and songs. The play is full of energy and that energy will be released through more than words. Too often the play becomes an excuse for easy laughter and is neither believable nor are its themes and characters united. We will attempt to unify the themes and characters and link the serious with the comic to create an original but faithful version of Shakespeare’s finest comedy.

Length: 95min / no intermission

“The cast had the audience in stitches of laughter with their wonderful comic timing....this production’s twin achievement is to make Shakespeare’s comedy both hilarious and clear....This classic production is both a real achievement and a comic hoot.” – STRAITS TIMES, Singapore

“TNT are one of the most interesting developments on the current theatrical scene”. – THE GUARDIAN, London

The Cast

Season 2019/2020

Rachel Middle

Jessica Atkins

Aimee Hislop

Kyle Taylor

Dan Wilder

Sam Wright

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Castle Tour - Summer 2019

The video has been filmed during the annual Castle Tour (Open air theatre ). Please note that the performance will be slightly different when staged in indoor theatres with lights and additional props / equipments

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